Safe Buying Guide is the official ClearTouch® website. ClearTouch® is sold only through this official website and Authorized Retailers distributed by ICTV Brands.

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. ClearTouch® is made with premium materials that are designed with the highest quality product in mind.

Unfortunately, ClearTouch® is sometimes sold by companies that are Unauthorized Retailers or trained to do so. If you see ClearTouch® offered on unauthorized websites, you may not get the results you expect as it may be a counterfeit or fake product and worse, there is no warranty or assurance of safety. Goods sold by these unauthorized companies are NOT purchased from ICTV Brands instead they are acquired from a variety of other sources, and many times damaged, used, or altered from their original condition. This is true even when unauthorized companies state that the product is “new”.

If at any time you are unsure if a product is authentic or being offered by an authorized reseller please visit our Authorized Retailer page.

Through this website only receive:

100% Refund Guarantee:

We are so confident that you'll love your ClearTouch® that if after using it for up to 30 days and you are not satisfied then we will:

1. Refund the Product Price!
2. Refund The Shipping & Handling!
3. Pay The Cost To Ship It Back To Us!

To qualify for the guarantee you must have purchased directly from this website. Full guarantee details as well as the process for issuing an RMA and a prepaid return-shipping label will be included with your order.

By ordering directly from this website or an Authorized Retailer you will receive:
One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

ClearTouch® comes with an initial full one-year warranty when purchased by its first user. If the product you purchase has a serial number that was already sold and the warranty period has ended, or the serial number shows it was stolen or illegally reproduced, there is no warranty for that product and we will not be able to help you if you have a problem with your purchase.

Your warranty will cover any product issues you may encounter, as well as provide replacements for any mechanical malfunctions.